The best Solar Pool Heater Review

                                                        Solar Pool Heater Review

Solar Pool Heater, an amazing way of being served by the ultimate source of energy- the sun. In this era of green revolution, we are trying at every aspect to reduce the carbon emission, hence reducing the fossil fuel and electrical energy which is also dependent on fossil fuel. So, there is no best way to join this revolution other than starting from your own backyard! Yes, by using Solar Pool Heater at your pool for hot, comfortable water for an extended swimming season.

You have come here because you posses a swimming pool, right? You have made this pool because of various purposes like family fun, daily exercise, arranging social parties, relaxing, friendly entertainment also might be for therapeutic purpose. You have invested a lot behind making the pool for getting out the best from it by fencing, furniture and other possible equipments to enhance it’s performance. But if you aren’t getting a comfortable temperature or cold water during swimming continuously, then are all those investments paying you the desired benefits? Even if you are using any heat pump running on gas or electricity, isn’t it adding extra cost per month along with environmental pollutions?
The one and only best solution is using a Solar Pool Heater. Here is a review of a Solar Pool Heater which will help you to make your vital decision.

At first, what is a Solar Pool Heater?  A Solar Pool Heater is a system which collects Free energy from sun and transfers it to the pool water in the form of heat. As a result the pool water becomes hot and comfortable.  Below the technical analysis of an ‘Ideal’ solar pool heater which can be called the Best model of a solar pool heater available in the market. 

There are collectors which collect the energy from the Sun. Collectors are normally placed at the roof top where the sunlight is most available without any obstacle. They can also be placed at other places where enough sunlight is available. Here is a schematic of ‘Solar Industries’ solar pool heating system. The collectors can easily be attached with the roof. Along with excellent attachment, it is also less likely to be lifted off with heavy storm. The panel of this solar pool heater drains well and does not prematurely fail.
A typical schematic of Solar Pool Heater produced by Solar Industries

A pump is needed to pump the water from the pool.

Filtration system helps to protect the freezing condition.

Solar Sensor and Electronic control unit:
It’s an unmatched part of  swimming pool heater. The electronic control compares the strength of the solar power and the temperature of the pool water by Pool water sensor. Then it controls the adjacent valves according to the necessity. So, it’s a controlled way of heating that ensures the best condition of a comfortable water temperature. This unit provides the ‘Auto control’ facility. So, there is no need to panic during the freezing condition. Just push some buttons and it’ll take care of the rest to handle the freezing condition by collector’s draining and controlling valves ON & OFF.

Isolation Ball and Isolation Check valves:
 If you want to run your pool even in winter season, then these valves will help you to maintain and operate your pool heater properly, even in severe freezing condition. During extreme freezing condition to protect the collectors and other component like end caps and pipe fittings, these valves are used. By checking them and allowing the collectors to fully drain, these valves help the control unit to accomplish it’s tasks.

Additional Heater:
You can also keep an additional option of heating along with the entire system. In extreme freezing or windy condition or in a darker day when the sunlight may not be sufficient to produce the required heat, the additional heater will help to maintain the comfortable temperature of the pool water.

Here are some photos of the installation process of a "Swimming pool solar heater panel".

Photo Courtesy: Solar Industries

So you have got some decent ideas about 'Pool Heater' by Solar power. Let's keep up the Green Evolution.

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